An ONLINE (Home Study) Certificate Course covering every aspect of the Neonatal Period as it pertains to the Newborn Photography Industry!

Developed by Newborn Photography Industry professionals, this online course has been designed specifically for Birth, Newborn, & Baby photographers.

The course goals include:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the Perinatal Environment so as to better understand the challenges clients may be facing during and post labour 
  • Comprehensive training on the Neonatal Period
  • Recognition of birth injuries and common health problems and the implications of these in a newborn photography environmentIn depth understanding of the physiology of newborn babies and the safest ways to work with these fragile human beings.  
  • Mitigation of Risk through the implementation of Work Safety & Health (WSH) Policies and Procedures for Newborn Photographers
  • Infant CPR and First Aid Accreditation

Whether you are an established or emerging newborn photographer, completion of The Certificate in Newborn Photography provides evidence, that as a professional, you are committed to the highest standards in neonatal care and safety. 

Which provides Quality Assurance to clients.

Once you have completed your course you will receive:

  • A Certification Badge for display on your website and all social media platforms and correspondence
  • A Framed Certificate for display in your studio
  • A Listing in our Certified Photographers Directory
  • Promotion of your certification on our Facebook page, Instagram Page and LinkedIn profile


Start Date: Can be started at any time
Price: AUD$600/USD$427 (easy pay plan available - AUD$720/USD$512)
Assessment: 3 Multiple Choice Examinations
Course Type: 19 Online Home Study Modules
+ Face to Face CPR & First Aid Training
Entry Requirements: Must be 18years or older. No prerequisite


  • 1
    Welcome to the Certificate in Newborn Photography!
    • How to use this course
    • Important Information about this Course!
    • Welcome!
  • 2
    Birth 101 - The Perinatal Environment
    • Welcome to Birth101 - The Perinatal Environment
    • Labour and Birth
    • Child Birth Methods & Cultural Differences
    • Potential Birth Complications
    • Traumatic Birth Injuries FREE PREVIEW
    • Birth Defects and Disorders
    • Pre-term or Premature Births
    • Multiple Births
    • Birth 101 - The Perinatal Environment Assessment
  • 3
    Newborn 101 - The Neonatal Period
    • Welcome to the Newborn 101 - The Neonatal Period
    • The Neonatal Environment Defined
    • Neonatal Respiratory System - Breathing Patterns
    • Neonatal Respiratory System - Respiratory Distress
    • Neonatal Excretory & Digestive Systems
    • Neonatal Thermoregulation
    • Neonatal Reflexes
    • Newborn 101 - The Neonatal Environment Assessment
  • 4
    Work Safety and Health 101
    • Welcome to Work Safety and Health 101
    • Work Safety and Health - Safety Management Systems
    • Work Safety and Health - Policies and Procedures {General Workplace}
    • Work Safety and Health - Policies and Procedures {Personal & Physical}
    • Work Safety and Health - Emergency Policies & Procedures
    • Work Safety and Health - First Aid Policies & Procedures
    • Work Safety and Health - Respect
    • Health & Safety 101 - Assessment
  • 5
    Next steps
    • RESOURCES for Course Completion
    • Upload your First Aid/CPR Certificate
    • We value your feedback...Before you go please answer this short course survey!


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  • One day Infant CPR/First Aid Course + Safety Workshop with: • CPR Kids - Brisbane & Sydney • Tiny Hearts First Aid - Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth & Auckland • Sandra Moffatt from Stand-in-Baby • Kerryn O’Brien from Academy of Newborn Photography™ JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH 2019 MORE DETAILS AVAILABLE MID DECEMBER


  • $950.00

    $950.00Advanced Certificate in Newborn Photography - Home Study

    Students also have the opportunity to delve deeper into areas of Newborn Photography through the purchasing of the Advanced Certificate in Newborn Photography. The Advanced Certificate in Newborn Photography builds on the Certificate of Newborn Photography through the addition of modules on the Technical areas of Newborn Portraiture, Business Skills, People Skills and Legal Requirements. It will be available in 2019.


Evidence of the abilities & experience that make someone suitable for a particular job or activity or proof of someone’s abilities and experience + anything that provides the basis for confidence, belief, credit etc

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